Bargain Buys! The Denim Jacket

There is a great sort of high when you manage to find a sought after item at an excellent price. I often like visiting charity shops and vintage clothing stores in search of something really amazing. I feel like Indiana Jones, rifling through racks of clothes in the hope of finding lost treasures of old. I am glad to say that my latest find was one of these gems.

Stoke Newington Road in Hackney, London, was where I came across a Vintage Kilo Sale store which enticed me inside with their “Everything £5” sign in the window. It’s early April and the denim jacket will be making a massive come back this year, so I headed straight for the blue hues of the denim rail. After trying a few different styles I finally settled on an old Zara number. It has the perfect, slightly oversized, feel to it and is faded in all the right places. I was over the moon at only spending a fiver on a classic jacket!


Another reason that buying this jacket is so great is that, because I only spent £5 on it, I feel like I could customise it if I wanted to. I know what you are thinking, but I don’t mean like your early 2000’s Metalica patch you had your mum sew on your khaki army jacket! Cringe! We are passed our post-grunge emo phase…

Thankfully, there are now some pretty cool iron-on and sew-on patches and badges out there to spice up your outerwear! There is glitter and guts. Hardcore attitude but sweet as candy pastel shades of desire. Check out Skinnydip and Topshop for the packs shown below. I cannot get enough of the Skinnydip unicorn stuff! It is so beautiful! I am in love.


I always recommend checking out your local second hand clothing store as you can pick up some really great stuff. However, if you are not a fan of rummaging in the vintage shops, check out some of the classic denim available on the high street below.

Basic Denim Jacket by Zara, £29.99
MOTO Oversized Jacket by Topshop, £50.00






White Denim Jacket by Mango, £39.99