MUA Prime & Conceal Palette

Concealers are coming in all shapes, sizes and colours recently and it can be a pretty scary deciding what to buy. I came across this little palette in Superdrug that has a good variety of colours to try and is fairly inexpensive. IMG_1515

Below is a breakdown of colours and how to use them.

Green neutralises red tones and is perfect for acne scars and spots. This is the colour that I have used most of, especially now it is summer, as it’s perfect for covering my slightly singed cheeks and nose.

Purple removes yellow tones and is designed for dull, pasty and yellow complexions.

Pink/Peach/Orange brightens eye area and masks fatigue. It is ideal for dark circles! You should use a deeper shade depending on how dark your complexion is.

Yellow made to cover purple/blue patches. Can be used under eye and on veins etc. Perfect for bruised skin.

Beige The colour in the centre is described by MUA as a highlighter but I guess this really just means a “skin tone” concealer. It could probably be used as a paler version of the Peach shade for very fair skin.

For a more detailed look at how to apply colour correcting make up, check out Jackie Aina’s video on the do’s and don’ts of colour correcting. She has also listed some really great products as well!

I feel that the MUA palette is great value for money at only £4 from Superdrug. It is great for getting to grips with colour correcting concealer techniques and has a nice, creamy consistency. However, it is not ideal for all skin tones as they are all very light shades. It is just a shame that there isn’t another palette available for darker skin tones at this very affordable price.