Makeup essentials for a monster hangover

We’ve all been there, dying in bed with the mother of all hangovers and questioning how you can possibly move on with your life. You’ve made plans for Sunday lunch with the girls and right now you are whole heartedly regretting your life choices.

First things first- grab a coffee and a banana. The caffeine and the potassium will help your hangover subside a little while you calculate an action plan. Below I’ve listed some of my favourite products for an occasion such as this to help get you bouncing back to your usual self- or at least faking it. peaches and clean soap and glory

You have probably slept in last night’s make up, a habit you promised yourself you would break but let’s face it, you never will. Grab yourself some Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk from Soap & Glory. It’s silky on your skin and strong enough to remove even waterproof mascara! Great for getting rid of last nights slap.

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visibly clear moisturiserNext, moisturise! Much like your dry mouth, your skin will be craving hydration after a heavy night on the lash. Try Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Oil Free Moisturiser which is great for fighting acne prone skin. I’ve written about this product before and I can’t tell you enough how good it is! It will really help your skin recover from the previous night’s alcohol consumption.

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Now you can see your fresh, clean and tired skin. Eeek! It’s this point where you start to question if you’ve always been this ugly, all while trying to control your stomach aching churning.fatigue blur

Make up needs to be fast, easy to apply, with no fussing.Slap on the primer. This is going to make sure that your make up wont irritate your skin even more. The toxins will be slowly rising to the surface of your skin in small, menacing little white heads. Anything you can do to avoid aggravating that process more is definitely recommended. Try Baby Skin Instant Fatigue Blur by Maybelline. It’s not as expensive as other primers on the market but I feel it’s just as good. It will smooth out your skin as well as giving you another layer of protection.

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Next the foundation. I absolutely love BB cream! It is the best for every day wear as it is a product with multiple benefits. Most BB creams contain moisturiser, SPF protection, primer and foundation all working to give a natural finish. Try BB water to give your skin more hydration throughout the day. The difference between BB water and the BB cream is that the BB water has a sleeker and smoother application. It doesn’t feel cakey or heavy on the skin either.

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Concealer is your best friend today. Those dark circles will never see the light of day! Try Maybelline Superstay 24hour Concealer. It is the best concealer I’ve ever used. I picked it up by accident one day in a Boots 3 for 2 frenzy and I’ve never looked back. It has great coverage and is easy to blend.

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Mascara is essential if you don’t want to look like a little mole surfacing from hibernation. The Dior Show mascara is a makeup bag staple. You get fantastic length and definition from even one coat. I love the bristly brush as well. Tip– When at the counter ask for a sample size along with your purchase. It’s great for handbags or overnight bags.

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Tinted lip balm is amazing on days like today. Again, it’s an essential for any make up bag. The best I’ve used is the Clinique Chubby Stick range because you can build the colour for the look you want.

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You have done it, you’ve successfully pulled your hungover butt together! You can do anything you set your mind to. Go out and grab the day! Final tip– don’t forget some blush or bronzer for your pasty pale face. You don’t want people to know you feel like death warmed up.

Work it.