The fight to keep clear skin in London

When I first moved to London I was excited about all the new adventures I would have. Unfortunately I was not prepared for the havoc it would reap on my skin. All my life I’ve been used to fresh country air and soft Scottish water, using whatever hair products I like and still achieving a silky smooth shine and nothing more than a face wipe before bed for my skin. Sadly this all changed in the big city. My hair became straw-like and my skin was dry and flaky with break outs every other week. I can’t even begin to explain the horror of finding black boggies!

Something had to be done. I have since came up with some choice products to battle the city’s pollution which so far are working brilliantly.

Ocean Salt Facial Scrub by LUSH


First of all this product smells amazing! It smells like warm days by the beach sipping pina coladas and limey mojitos.

The avocado butter and coconut oil in this product soothe and hydrate your skin while the sea salt buffs away dead skin leaving you with a soft and clean complexion.

I leave a little pot of this goodness in the shower for a nice wake up. A tub of 120g will cost you £7.95 which is not a lot of cash to part with for great results. 9/10

Click here and head over to the LUSH website.


Acai Berry Multi-Tasking Micellar Water by Good Things

good things

When I first saw Micellar water in the shops I really did think it was a con. It looked like they had bottled tap water and put a fancy label on it. In reality it has been a brilliant replacement for my face wipes. It removes makeup, even stubborn eye makeup, in a flash.

This is another product with a stunning smell. The blueberry, mango and acai berry also give added vitamin boost-or so says the product information, who really knows. It’s left my skin nice and soft, and since I started using this product I’ve had no more break outs. Woo!

It’s quick with no faffing which means its great for everyday use. The current RRP is £4.49, however, the super savvy among you can head to Boots and grab a bottle for £2.99! Bargain! 8/10

Click here to head to Boots and buy your own bottle.


Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Oil-Free Moisturiser by Neutrogenaoil free

This moisturiser is said to help keep skin clear which is exactly what I am looking for to combat the dirty London atmosphere. It’s lightweight and silky compared to some sticky solutions on the market, and has a fresh fruity smell. It is recommended for daily usage and I often use it as a base coat before I apply my make up. After a month of usage it has lived up to expectations- no breakouts!

At £4.99 for 50ml it’s perfect and affordable for every day wear. 8/10

Click here to grab your’s from Boots.



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